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Tonight Obama had his 30 minute “infomercial” on 7 networks. Is this a new way to campaign? Much like advertisers try to personalize their messages to their consumers, politicians are too. We won’t know whether or not this was a smart marketing move until after the election (or even many elections), but it sure opens the door for new creative ways to reach key voters. 


I view political ads as intrusive. I hate politic season when more commercials about the candidates air then your regular brands. In my opinion I tune them out.  I throw away direct mail pieces I receive in the mail, ignore phone calls and as I already mentioned tune out TV and radio ads. I did not watch the “infomercial” but will involve myself in conversations with other people to hear there thoughts…..maybe I’ll have additional comments soon.


So how do the candidates reach me? What was it about the Obama marketing campaign that persuaded so many people to vote for him? Or was it not the campaign but “actual change” that really got votes?


For me, it was very clever for him to develop a common word or phrase to use throughout the campagin.


CHANGE we can believe in


It was everywhere – every speech, every interview, his website to promote voting, everthing. It was like the Energizing bunny it kept going and going and going…..he truly branded himself in this campaign. He persuaded people to vote for him the same way Apple persuades you to buy a computer or an iPod, the same way Outback wants you to make it a steaknight on a Monday, and the same way the Washington Redskins get you to cheer them on despite their loses.


This newsweek blog describes what I’m talking about. Although its dated from Feb. 2008, it emphasizes this brand aspect of a political campaign, not the actual capabilities of the candidate. Take a look and skim through the paragraphs. I should have just copied and pasted it in this post…ha 🙂






Minority Report…the Future?

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Remember the movie Minority Report starring Tom Cruise where criminals are caught before the crimes occur? A classmate referenced this movie in a post today. We were discussing which traditional media we thought may become less efficient or obsolete within the next 50 years. Many say that traditional media such as radio and newspaper won’t disappear but become less effective as new technology emerges into our world. Back to my movie example. In Minority Report, Tom is walking along and voices are spirting out random advertisements directly to him. Could this be the wave of future media? I think it is very possible. Just like TiVo where we can personally program which shows we want to watch; soon marketers will be able to enter our world and directly speak to Ann, Joe or Susan and tell them what they individually needs. I think it’ll be very effective and non-intrusive because consumers would be programming which brands they would like to hear from, which promotions they are interested in and not.

The new A-Z…bites and bytes – websites and widgets

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Hot topics from my class’s first discussion was what are the most and least effective marketing communication tools in the so-called “New Media” cateogry of advertising. An overwhelming percentage said social networking sites were the most effective. Many others states websites and banner ads. Least effective tools were a bit more scattered. A lot of peers said blogs, others Bluetooth and a few widgets.

I added a few social networking sites that I belong to. I agree with the majority and say that you are now “uncool” if you do not belong to a social networking site 🙂 They can be tailored very specific to your needs and companies can narrow their audience and target YOU individually. You don’t get SPAM emails; however you can recieve friend requests from mystery people. Luckily you don’t have to accept them and they go away.

My boyfriend choses not to be a member on a site. He used to be on MySpace but now “no one” is on it (all of our friends have focused their efforts on Facebook) he says and he hasn’t signed on since April. He signs in under my name into Facebook and looks around. Do I find this annoying? Yes. Does it really matter? Not to me. But to companies out there they are missing a good opportunity to target him.

Can blogging be addictive?

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Alas, I have fallen into the world of what marketers call new media. Blogging, as big as it has grown, is not an interest of mine. Why do I feel compelled to write my thoughts and feelings and air it to strangers to read? I told my boyfriend to give me a few minutes ago that I was trying to create a blog. He said ‘you don’t blog.’ My response – I do now.

An assignment for grad school – IMC 619 New Media. Over the next 9 weeks I’ll be exploring Blogs, podcasts, banner ads, chat rooms, and other assortments of new media. My thoughts on weekly topics and disection of lessons and readings will pile into words and sentances translated over bits and bytes into this blog.

Join me in my weekly posts and hopefully you’ll learn just as much as I will about new media in today’s advertising world.

Check out this car! My boyfriend took this picture while in London last April. Now, how many of you think that you would turn your head if this was driving besides you?! Now, if it had a company logo (other than Mary Kay!) on it you’d remember it? Clever :-p

Hello world!

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My name is Amanda. I currently live in Vienna, VA. I have grown up in the suburbs of Washington, DC my entire life. I have 2 wonderful parents and grandfather who live 15 minutes away from and a younger sister in Nashville, TN. I graduated from Virginia Tech in May 2003 with a B.S. in Marketing Management, minor in Communications. Currently, I’m enrolled at West Virginia University’s Integrated Marketing Communications program earning my M.S. I’ll graduate in May 2009.

I am also engaged to be married to an amazing man! We took a weekend trip to Boston and it happend there. No details yet as we are still enjoying being engaged 🙂

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