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November 13, 2008 at 11:55 AM | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Last week we wrote in our paper 3 options that may increase buzz to our blog.


The first idea to generate buzz for Unknown Advertising is to conduct a viral marketing campaign.  To do this, I’d create a message in an e-mail describing the purpose of the blog, offering example posts and asking them to post a comment to the blog. Then I’d send that message along with the link to the blog to all my regular contacts. I’d make a simple request to them asking to forward this message and link to 3 additional people in their contacts. Then those 3 people would receive the same message and instructions to forward to 3 of their contacts and so on. Based on how many comments appear on my blog will determine the success of the viral marketing campaign.


A second idea to create buzz to my blog, Unknown Advertising, is to simply link my blog link to social networking sites I’m a member of. They include Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn. I’d write a few short sentences describing the purpose of the blog and asking to read and reply to posts that interest the viewer. I could add a few fun and entertaining applications such as a poll to entice people to read the blog and response. Offering personal pictures is another way to drive traffic to the blog.


The final buzz building idea is to conduct crowdsourcing. By making a semi-anonymous link to my blog via media platforms such as YouTube or Flickr, I can see how many comments come back to the blog.


I decided to go the viral marketing option. Right before the email went out, I put a poll up as you can see below to help stem an interactive part of the blog. Throughout the remainder of the course, I’ll be evaluating how many comments and poll responses I receive. So far I’ve gotten quite a bit.


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