To .tel or not to .tel

November 18, 2008 at 2:00 PM | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

I was in a meeting yesterday at work. Before hand we were to read an article titled, How Telnic will revolutionize dialing. The gist of this article was that a new startup company, Telnic, will allow companies and individuals buy .tel domain names (instead of .com or .edu), record contact information and make it accessible to whomever they choose. It would allow consumers and companies alike keep their contact information located in one place and either offer that information to the public (for a company) or private (just for family and friends). One would only have to update this one domain to keep information updated.


The example the article provides is for a pizza place. Say, Papa Johns buys Instead of going to a search engine or directly to Papa John’s site to filter through information to find the closest location, when a consumer goes to, the contact details would pop directly into their phones.


This would directly compete with yellow pages and white pages. Telnic speakers say they are striving to become the “Google of online address books” (Schenker, 2008). Below is the link for complete details.


What does this mean for IMC? I don’t really know. I have yet to completely grasp this concept, but I know that with increasing mobile-to-mobile advertising and enhancements to cell phones that this concept makes sense. How many times do you struggle searching through a company’s website to find the store nearest you just to call for hours or availability of products? Going to a .tel domain eliminates extra steps.


It also helps you as an individual. You can keep your personal information updated in one stop and share your .tel domain with family and friends or keep in touch (or get in touch) with old college friends, family and co-workers.


My company is seriously considering buying a few domain names (if the price is right) after the public launch in Feb. Who knows if I’ll continue this blog, but should you find this next year and I have not provided an update, fill free to contact me.


-Schenker, J. (2008) How Telnic will revolutionize dialing,, retrieved November 14, 2008


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  1. I think this technology is really interesting. It’s amazing how being able to look a company up on the internet is now becoming an “inconvenient” way of getting information. Anyway, thanks for an interesting post!

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