Being bombarded with ads….even while playing video games

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I remember one Christmas, my sister and I were so excited to open our Super Nintendo. We did not have the regular Nintendo and wanted to be part of the crowd with the newest game system. Over the many years I have seen Nintendo expand their systems and other companies introduce new and upgrade their systems. I have always thought that letting children play video games was a way to remove them from advertising. TV programs contain so many commericals; aimed at children during target programs and the like. Despite many different views on how video games decreases phsyical activity, it did not have advertisements. That has all changed today.

In-game branding is growing. I found an article that discusses this topic on  Note this article is date 2006. I will admit I did not realize this has been a popular and growing concept for so long.


Can you hear me now?

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pan_mobilekidsIn our lesson for week 5 (a few weeks back) we dicusses mobile-to-mobile marketing. Below is a brief description of what it is and why it’s important.

What is Mobile Marketing and Why is it Important?
Mobile marketing, which has grown out of the Internet revolution, combines a unique and complicated fusion of technologies, business skills and marketing expertise. Mobile marketing is one of the first completely new marketing vehicles to come along in over 50 years, and it’s quickly becoming a primary means of reaching and building relationships with customers — especially the highly sought after youth demographic.

In recent years, we as a society have become increasingly comfortable with (and reliant on) digital communication technologies like cell phones and iPods. In fact, according to research firm Informa, worldwide cell phone subscriptions recently reached 3.3 billion, which is just about HALF the world’s population! As such, cell phones have become a primary means of communication, not only for voice calls but also for digital services, e-mail and digital photos. Published reports state that more than half of worldwide subscribers are active users of text messages (also known as “SMS Messages”) and, according to the Yankee Group, over 15% of these messages can be categorized as commercial (i.e., marketing).

The objectives of mobile marketing are not unlike those of more traditional marketing vehicles:

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Generating a customer profile opt-in database
  • Increasing attendance to events or visits to a store
  • Improving customer loyalty; and
  • Increasing revenues

Ramos, J (2008) IMC 619 Lesson 5: Can You Hear Me Now? M2M, Advergaming, In-game Branding & RSS feeds

So what does it mean to me? Well, I have never had a phone that could accept mobile advertising or access the Internet all that well. However, I have recently signed up to review text message alerts for my favorite band, Rascal Flatts. I signed up on their fan page to also receive emails regarding tour dates, CD releases, news, etc. The bonus of receiving text messages is that I always have my phone with me so if they send me a text reminding me a new CD is going on sale within a day or so I’ll more likely remember than through email. Also, they send me texts wishing me Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays.

If you are a fan of Rascal Flatts and/or want to join their fan club here is their website: Click “Join the community” and you can search several landing pages.


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