Oh the Web we weave

December 9, 2008 at 3:31 PM | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

imcWhat is your favorite product, brand, service? Do they have a website? Most likely. Is that website nice looking? Probably. But do you really pay attention to the details of the web design of any site let alone your favorite one? Not likely….unless you are in Lesson 8: creative considerations in merging media. This week we are discussing how “the Web has grown faster than any electronic medium in history” (Ramos, 2008).  I’m sure we visit a website everyday – heck you are on one now!


So what makes a good website? Well, the obvious of products or services suitable to your wants or desires, plenty of information about those products/services, capability to review and purchase those items, contact help (IT or Customer Service) or collect more information, and reasonable prices.


But what about visual stimulation? Have you ever thought that if you are visiting a site, browsing around and then decide to leave whether it is because you didn’t like the products offered or something within your didn’t like the design and convinced you to shop elsewhere? I doubt it, but it’s probably happened if you haven’t realized it. That is what this week’s discussion is for.

Ironically, I’m spear-heading a project at work to re-launch our online campus store for our 2 online universities. Fill free to visit our link, scroll to the bottom and click Campus Store (campus store). It had previously been a D priority and I am now in charge of making it an A priority. Our students are increasing and they want to claim our school just as much as others who attend a more well-known brick and mortar school. We need to not only re-design the site but expand on merchandise offered. This class will be well over before it’s finished but this week’s lesson will help me and my colleagues determine the roads to take for our company.  



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