Targeting today’s youth

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It’s the holiday time. It’s a week before Christmas and I don’t know why I ventured to the mall this past Saturday. I had no need to go there and no one to buy for there, but my finance and I went anyway. Surpised I was not annoyed by the high volume of cars and foot traffic as well as the low number of children there. There were still a HUGE number of children, but the bulk of them were either at the food courts or children’s play areas and most of them were still too young to vocalize the nag factor to Mom & Dad.

Nevertheless, I wonder despite the way the economy is how much influence advertising was on today’s youth and how many parents gave in. Over the past few weeks on my local radio station, Hot 99.5, the morning show DJ’s have been doing segments called “Making Miracles”. Listeners were allowed to write in and explain their financial situation. Many asked for financial help (to assist in paying bills, money to buy presents) and some for a specific item (a bike for their daughter). The radio station selected their¬†favorites, called them up and aired live the conversation between listener and radio hosts. It was really nice. The radio used their extra budget usually spent on advertising and gave it to deserving people. Of the few I heard, one mother wanted to buy her daughter a new bike. That was the only thing she really wanted for Christmas and since money was tight the mother didn’t think she could afford one. Another women had been helping out her sister because her niece had been diagosned with cancer; the radio gave $2000 to the listener to help get her pay bills since she had quit work to be with her sister.

It doesn’t matter that money is tight. It doesn’t matter that we are in a so called recession. It doesn’t matter that advertisers are not stopping because sales are down. It doesn’t matter that children don’t understand any of this. It’s the holiday time and parents want to give their children what they want. They don’t want to appear poor to their families and they don’t want to let their children suffer for something they can’t control.

I have even noticed some perfume companies recycling their Christmas TV commercials. There is nothing wrong with that. In fact I think it’s great. It shows that everyone is having tough times but if your extra money you still deserve something new.


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