The Truman Show

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Have you seen the movie The Truman Show starring Jim Carrey? If you haven’t it’s very funny and I recommend it. This post may not be relavent enough if you haven’t seen it. Trying watching a trailer; if you have seen it you should understand what I’m taking about.

Basically, the premise of the movie is that Jim Carrey’s show was born and raised in an environment of a TV show however we isn’t aware of it. This movie created product placement to the max. As a parady the wife would share her recent purchases on the “show” to Truman and that would be the TV programs way to advertise.

Now, video games are so popular advertisers are getting in on in-game advertising. I discovered a blog title Ad Lab which discusses the future of advertising and its technology.  One post stated 19 tips for in-game advertising. They are as follows:

1) Ask yourself the “why” question. Why are games the medium you wish to advertise through?

2) Set measure objectives. Games are very easy to track and measure.

3) In-game advertising should be viewed as an R&D investment, not a marketing expense. Why? Online commerce is much different than 10 years ago and it continues to evolve.

4) Play! It is probably safe to assume that many have not played video games since your Nintendo 64 was popular. Either way, one must be familiar with the current systems in order to understand how to advertise in them.

5) Whatever you do, don’t step off the trail. They are saying not to fit your product into a game if it is not right for it. Search for the perfect match. It’ll be to the advertisers advantage.

6) Create a specific creative message for in-game advertising. You can’t use a radio or TV commercial from the general market.

7) The nature of a gamer is to “do”. Make sure your advertisments allow for them to do just that.

8) Challenge and surprise by offering playings interesting things to do with your ad and let them discover things on their own. It’ll create an excellent word-of-mouth campaign.

9) Don’t twist the players’ arms. Meaning, don’t force them click an ad or paid to subscribe to something just to get to their starting point.

10) Since games are considered mutlimedia, don’t limit your graphics.

11) Take advantage of integrating marketing…an industry buzz-word that makes sense. Create ads through other mediums than games to generate buzz about your product.

12)  By providing the right tools and incentives you can enjoy seeing how consumer-generated content evolves.

13) Word-of-mouth advertising – be ready for it

14) Expect the unexpected. If something goes wrong within the game, be prepared by player discontent. Let your PR manager know in case there are complaints that need to be addressed.

15) Give away premiums items such as a branded t-shirt. They can be worn longer than a player owns and plays a game.

16) Be engaged with your consumers especially in the virtual world. Don’t be an outsider looking in.

17) Don’t mimic the layout of your “real-world” branded spaces – create specific ones for the virtual world catering to their needs and desires.

18) Deal with demographic uncertainty. Audiences can vary widely by genre, size, complexity and distribution channels.

19) Learn from the mistakes of others. Do your research beforehand – remember this is an R&D investment not a marketing one.


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